Ovary Midwifery Journal publishes the latest peer reviewed international research to inform the safety, quality, outcomes and experiences of pregnancy, birth and maternity care for childbearing women, their babies and families. The journals publications support midwives and maternity care providers to explore and develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes informed by best available evidence.

Ovari, Jurnal Kebidanan provides an international, interdisciplinary forum for the publication, dissemination and discussion of advances in evidence, controversies and current research, and promotes continuing education through publication of systematic and other scholarly reviews and updates. Ovary Midwifery Journal articles cover the cultural, clinical, psycho-social, sociological, epidemiological, education, managerial, workforce, organizational and technological areas of practice in preconception, maternal and infant care, maternity services and other health systems. Published Every February and August by AIFA HUSADA MADURA

The journal welcomes the highest quality scholarly research that employs rigorous methodology. Ovari, Jurnal Kebidanan y is a leading  journal in midwifery and maternal health and employs a double-blind peer review process.